Moving Your Network to New Office Space

By: Morgan Spake
President, AGC

Moving to a new office means moving your internet and phone connections. There is a process called “Network Due Diligence” that answers the question, “Will my network function at the new office?” and addresses items related to cost, risk mitigation, fail over, and current contract obligations that need to be addressed prior to the move. Timing is critical and the process should commence no later than 90 days prior to the office relocation. Ideally, it is preferable to complete Network Due Diligence before the lease is signed, since it’s important to learn early on if quality, reliable and affordable internet connections are available at the new office. Your current Internet Service Provider may not have adequate service at the new address, so another provider that fits your tolerance for risk and budget must be identified and selected.

Internet Broker: Think of the ISP (internet service provider) as the landlord who wants to “rent” an internet connection to you based on 12, 24, or 36 month terms, and all enterprise grade bandwidth pricing can be adjusted based on competing offers. An Internet Broker can gather competing offers and actually drive your monthly costs lower. The Internet Broker receives a commission from the ISP and can therefore offer this free service to the client.

Cabling: A free evaluation will help determine the type and quantity of cables needed for your new office.  Many existing office spaces can be described as “plug and play”, where the cabling already is installed, however it is in your best interest to have the cabling tested, regardless. The space may have been divided, and the landlord does not keep records on, or guarantee pre-existing installed cabling.

Network Move Management: This is a service that allows you to outsource the entire network move operation whereby several companies are part of the network move such as: Cabling, Phone, IT, Riser Management and one or more Internet Service Providers. An experienced network move coordinator can guide your team through the decision making process during the network move.